What Are The Best Ways To Bring Your Motorcycle On A Cross-Country Road Trip?

22 October 2015
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If you're planning the cross-country road trip of a lifetime, you may view your motorcycle as just as much of a necessity as clean clothes or toiletries. Indeed, being on a motorcycle can allow you to immerse yourself in your surroundings much more effectively than sitting behind the wheel of a truck or camper, safely encased in metal and glass. However, traveling thousands of miles on a motorcycle can quickly lose its appeal after you become caught in inclement weather or find yourself navigating through loose gravel or other substandard highway conditions. Read More 

Mack Trucks For Sale: 3 Accessories That Make Long Haul Drives More Comfortable

9 September 2015
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The trucking industry fuels the U.S. economy, and Mack truck drivers are constantly putting in long hours to get their cargo from one destination to another. Legally, Mack truck drivers can only drive up to 70 hours in a 8 day period and a maximum of 14 hours a day before taking a 10 hour break. If you're a Mack truck driver, chances are you spend a lot of time driving. As a result, it's important to purchase a Mack truck that will be comfortable for long haul drives. Read More 

5 Most Expensive Vehicle Repairs

3 September 2015
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No one likes to think about damage that might occur to their vehicle, large or small. However, not all damages a vehicle can incur are created equal, and you should know the most expensive vehicle repairs so you won't be shocked at the repair price when you have to have certain repairs done.  Hybrid Inverter Assembly Hybrid inverters allow your car to easily go between electrical power and gas power without so much as a thought. Read More 

Expecting A Baby In Winter? Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle

1 September 2015
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Most expectant parents are understandably concerned about infant car seats, and rightly so. However, many parents don't consider the safety of the vehicle in addition to the safety of the car seat. If you are expecting a baby during the cold months of winter, it is important that you drive a reliable vehicle. The last thing you'll need is to break down with your newborn in the vehicle or get stuck in a snowdrift. Read More