Handling Your Vehicle Breaking Down

11 August 2018
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Being prepared for your car to break down can allow you to more easily contact a 24 hour emergency towing service while also keeping yourself safe. Considering that you are likely to experience intense stress at the time of your car starting to malfunction, learning about how to respond before this event happens can help you to more readily handle the issue.

Start Identifying Landmarks And Mile Markers

Identifying exactly where you are located can greatly help the towing service to locate your vehicle. While you may not be very familiar with the area, remembering the number on any mile marker or exits signs can allow you to easily tell the towing service exactly where you are located. If none of these signs are visible, you should make mental notes of any physical landmarks that you could tell the towing service.

Try To Avoid Parking Near The Road

If your vehicle is starting to fail, you should immediately start looking for a safe place to pull over. Getting stuck on the side of the road is extremely dangerous and should be avoided. In situations where this is not possible, you should pull your car as far away from the road as possible. This should help to reduce the risk of an extremely dangerous collision.

Deploy Roadside Flares

Making sure that other drivers are aware that your vehicle has broken down will be necessary for reducing the risk of a collision. Sadly, this can be very difficult to do during the overnight hours or instances of fog. Using roadside flares can be an effective way of overcoming these limitations. When positioning the flare, make sure that it is not near grass or other dry brush as this could cause a fire to start.

Keep An Emergency Cell Phone Battery Or Charging Pack In Your Vehicle

Having a working cell phone can make contacting help much easier to do. Unfortunately, many people will experience breakdowns when their cell phone battery is low or completely dead. Depending on the problem with the vehicle, it may lack enough electricity to power the cell phone. If your phone allows you to change the battery, keeping a fully charged spare battery with you can be the easiest way to keep your phone powered during this experience. For those with phones that prevent the battery from being removed, a portable charger may be a good investment. This device will attach to the phone and rapidly charge its battery so that the phone can be used.