How A Custom Driveline Helps Keep A Slip Yoke From Wearing Out On A Dirt Road

30 October 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Living on a dirt road means you're going to be driving over rough and sometimes bumpy roads. These driving conditions often contribute to the wear and tear of the slip yoke. This problem can be addressed by installing a high-quality custom driveline.

The Nature Of The Slip Yoke

Few drivers take the time to understand the nature of the slip yoke. However, it is one of the most important parts of your driveline. It fits on the front of the shaft and helps to make up the extra room in the driveline. This gives the driveline a little extra give that prevents it from getting damaged while you drive on a dirt road. It also helps protect the interior from the grains of sand that can cause damage on a dirt road.

However, the slip yoke may start to wear out over a period. When that happens, your vehicle is in danger of breaking down. The slip yoke helps stabilize a vehicle and keeps it from damage caused by bumps on a dirt road. It is essential for drivers to understand the nature of this part and why a poorly designed driveline can cause it.

When The Slip Yoke Starts To Fail

As the slip yoke starts to fail on the driveline of your vehicle, you're going to start noticing a lot of annoying symptoms. These typically include shaking, vibration, and loud, grinding noise. These will be particularly noticeable on a dirt road. That's because the slip yoke isn't doing its job to stabilize the vehicle properly.

If you are experiencing this situation, you need to take steps to remedy it. Failure to address it could cause you to crash or break down on a dirt road. One of the least understood problems that causes a worn slip yoke is the misalignment of the driveline under the vehicle. In some instances, it may be necessary to install a custom driveline.

How Custom Drivelines Can Help

If a poorly aligned driveline shaking on a dirt road appears to cause the slip yoke to break down more quickly, it is important to consider the necessity of a custom driveline. A high-quality custom driveline can adjust the positioning of your slip yoke and take a little bit of pressure away from it. More importantly, it can keep it from breaking down at the worst time.

Getting a custom driveline requires talking to a professional mechanic and having them check out the situation underneath the car. They can measure the distance, find a driveline that will work for your needs, and fit it to your slip yoke. In this way, they can prevent the early wear that can devastate these items too quickly.

Just as importantly, they can also take steps to check out other areas of the vehicle for damage. For example, the driveshaft may need to be adjusted or repaired after installing a custom driveline. Make sure to talk to a mechanic at a company such as Godfrey Brake Service & Supply about this process to ensure it goes right.