Moving Around To Different Cities: Top 3 Classic Car Storage Tips For The Nomad Lifestyle

26 June 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

It seems that everyday something changes; one day you live in Denver and the next week you are moving to New York. The moving may be because of a professional career or other changes in your life, but there are still some things you care about, such as that classic car in the garage back home. When your car no longer has a home, it will need storage. Before you park your classic, here are some tips to ensure it's safely packed away while you travel:

1. Cleaning and A Protective Coat of Wax or Auto Wrap

Before you get ready to park your car, give it a good washing to ensure there is nothing that will damage the paint. To protect the paint from accidental scratches while moving or in storage, give the paint a good wax job. If you want to further protect your car from damage, auto wraps are a great choice to protect the paint and body. Plain vinyl auto wraps are not that expensive and will protect the body while your car is in storage. Add small strips of rubber tubing along the sides to protect the body from dents and dings.

2. Tune Ups, Fuel Treatment, and Final Maintenance Before Storage

Since your car will be in storage for a while, it needs to have regular maintenance done. Change the oil and all the other fluids to ensure they are fresh before you park the car. In addition, fill it up with a premium fuel and consider adding a fuel treatment. Treating the fuel will help ensure that it does not degrade and cause problems when you return to start your car months later. 

3. Protecting Tires and Rubber Parts from Weathering While in Storage

Rubber of your tires and other parts are susceptible to damage from weather, exposure to sun and dry hot conditions. If you are going to use covered storage where the wheels and rubber components are exposed to the elements, they will need to be protected. Clean tires with a cleaner that also protects them, and do this for other rubber components like bushings. Invest in tire covers if you want your wheels to have extra protection while in storage.

These are some classic care tips to help you with keeping your car safe while you move from one city to another. Contact a used car sales company like Car Craft Auto Sales, Inc. to help find the car you need for travels and keep your classic safely stored in storage facilities.